Establish and Protect

your family’s legacy.

Building wealth isn’t flashy or fast and doesn’t mean risking your hard-earned savings or sacrificing those coveted hours of sleep. 

At 25/8 Capital, we help you build wealth through low-risk, high-growth real estate investments in strong markets throughout the U.S.

We personally vet every multifamily investment before it gets opened up to our investors, to ensure we only present the best fit for you and your investing goals. 

What are Real Estate syndications?

Real estate syndications are essentially group investments. Rather than investing in a rental property on your own, real estate syndications allow you to invest passively, without the hassles of being a landlord. Together, we invest in a commercial asset, like an apartment community.

When you invest passively in a real estate syndication, you get to invest your money and let us do the work for you. We find and manage the asset on your behalf. You sit back and enjoy the passive income, knowing that your money is secure and growing for you.

Passive Real Estate Investing gives you…

cash flow
tax benefits

…all without the hassles of being a landlord

Meet the


Hello! Leigh & Victor here, founders of 25/8 Capital.

After working ourselves to the brink of burnout to pay off student loan debt, we took a much-needed, deep look at what we really want for our family. 

We’ve seen firsthand how highly-paid professionals can work hard their entire lives, missing out on great opportunities to enjoy life while growing wealth. 

That’s why we’re passionate about sharing the exponential power of multifamily real estate investing.

You too can release the pressure of the 40-hour workweek, spend more time with family, and enjoy life all while confidently building wealth.

Our team

Victor Leite


Leigh Leite


Shannon Kiefhaber


Joseph Lowery


Strategic advisors

Julie Lam


Julie Lam, co-founder and CEO of Goodegg Investments, has been investing in real estate since 2009. Goodegg Investments has syndicated 6,600+ multifamily units, worth over $1 Billion. As a real estate investment company, they focus on preserving and growing investor capital by identifying conservative investment opportunities that are acquired and managed by experienced partners with proven track record.

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If you’re ready to take your family’s financial future into your own hands and to create more freedom-filled lifestyle, don’t wait.

Join the 25/8 Investor Club – we’ll start by getting to know you and the life you want for your family. Then, we’ll share investment opportunities that align with your goals. It’s completely free to join, and there’s no obligation to invest.